Find the Right Rug for Your Home

Over the years customers have asked me many questions... "How do I pick out a rug?" "Where do I start with colors?" "What size rug fits my home?"

I've been buying beautiful area rugs for over 25 years, but I realize that it may be your first time. Though the process seems tricky, it's not. Follow these simple steps to collect essential information that will make selecting the perfect rug for your home EASY!

World of Rugs goal is to creatively combine your lifestyle needs with your aesthetic tastes in placing rugs that contribute to the overall beauty and comfort of your home. It's our policy to let you try your rug selection in your home for a 2-Day Approval period. Shop with confidence.

We are your partners in this process.
      Ingrid Harazim

It's A Snap!

Take a photo of your room using your smart phone or iPad, bring it into our store and SHOW US! Our trained staff will be able to quickly suggest colors, styles and the proper size rug for you with one glance of your snapshot.

Imagine the floor as your room's "5th wall". A large space to present a visual accent which reflects your personality. A rug can completely alter the mood of any room, or even change your entire color scheme.

Do you have wood, stone or tile floors? A rug with texture can add comfort, warmth and absorb sound providing echo relief. Consider a shape rug for highlighting a special area. For instance a round rug can further define a round table or a gathering area, these simple decorating options are endless.

Bring in your room measurements, fabric swatches, colorful pillows, paint chips, tile or wood samples. Our knowledgeable staff will show you rug designs and layout options. Plus, receive professional advice on current home fashions and color trends. Curious how a rug is made? Just ask! Get answers about wear and cleaning on every rug in our stock. Don't forget about non-slip padding. We are the experts and are here to help you.

Visual Rhythm

Visual Rhythm is a decorating technique using colorful rugs to form an exciting visual theme. Learn how to select and place color-coordinated (not identical) area rugs throughout your home. Layout a pathway of color that is cohesive and creates a design scheme that can be threaded from one room to another. Even continue this theme outdoors to the patio, cabana and poolside.
The rugs act as an enticement to enter the home and explore it further, drawing you deeper into the house... asking the question of “What is around the next corner?” The word VISUAL means: relating to, or used in seeing. The word RHYTHM means: pattern, movement, recurrence with a beat, as you would find in a song or poem.

Map your home. Determine rooms that would benefit with the placement of a rug.

Select one color. Choose the predominate color that will be featured in the main rug. Accent colors will become apparent with the additional colors that are shown in the rug. This color theme will then be spread from room to room with variations in patterns by the use of coordinating rugs.

Set the mood. Tell us about your home setting and lifestyle. Based on this information we'll be happy to recommend color coordinating groups of rugs especially for you. Visual Rhythm will enhance the flow of color throughout your home, harmonizing the décor.

DIY Room Makeover

Your Life AtoZ
with host Lisa Haffner

Learn how you can "Complete a Room Makeover in a Day" with a beautiful area rug, it's easy! Especially with the help of World of Rugs expert staff and their vast selection of Designer & fashion rugs. See how rugs add warmth, comfort, color, pattern, texture and high style to any room in your home.

First Time Rug Shopper

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Choosing a new area rug for your home is easy. Simply follow Ingrid's step by step suggestions and see how you can accomplish a "Soft Remodel" in any room of your home. Plus, see some of today's hottest design trends happening for the Home.

Better Arizona
with host Sarah Calstrom

A rug is a vibrant home accessory that you can quickly roll out to change a room's mood. A rug can add a punch of color, textural dimension and define the active living space. Many of today's homes have tile or hardwood floors so area rugs are fast becoming an important decorating item.