Fabulous Flatweave Rugs

The Design. The Texture. The Natural Material

Each of these handcrafted area rugs is a work of art woven by a skilled artisan. The fresh color combo’s and multi-level pile heights put a modern perspective on an age-old craft.

Celebrate the preservation of handcrafted traditions and bring one-of-a-kind character into your home.

The Jovial Collection

With its meticulously hand-knotted texture applied to a hand-woven base, the Jovial Collection offers an innovative look that feels relaxed, yet refined. Crafted by master artisans of wool and jute, each piece naturally offers long-lasting durability--perfect for the busiest rooms in the house.

Jovial 600

Jovial 601

Jovial 602

Jovial 603

Jovial 604

Jovial 605

The Monte Collection

The Monte Collection is beautiful both in its simplicity and functionality. This hand crafted wool rug focuses on detailed small patterns and textured surfaces. Across the flat pile braided yarns and woven textures add dimension and depth. The multi space dyed yarns mix hues of color into the texture creating a warm sweater type look. This Collection combines a modern feel with a timeless classic look.

Monte 420

Monte 421

Monte 422

Monte 423

Monte 424

Monte 425

The Gusto Collection

Gusto uses specially spun polyester yarn that looks and feels just like wool, creating a high-end felted look. Gusto plays with texture through the hand woven construction, using chunky braids and loops to create patterns across the surface. The polyester fibers mimic un-dyed natural wool and viscose, creating a high-end look for a great price.

Gusto 333

Gusto 334

Gusto 335

Gusto 336

Gusto 339

Gusto 340

The Cayman Collection

Random flecks of soft color and cream create playful striations the Cayman collection. Handmade in India from a wool and chenille blend, the unique loop and cable construction gives the appearance of texture in an easy-care woven rug. Sprinkle a bit of color and fun in any room with a rug from the Cayman collection, or mix and match for more variety.

Cayman 333

Cayman 334

Cayman 335

Cayman 336

Cayman 337

Cayman 338

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